The Writer's Jungle (On-Line)

by Brave Writer Author

You have a child who hates writing. Or, your child is so prolific at writing, you're afraid you aren't helping her enough. Or, your child writes well, but the results are wooden and tedious to read. Or, your child has the best imagination ever, but punctuation, spelling, and mechanics are atrocious. Or, you're afraid of writing yourself and have been avoiding it for, oh, the last (yes, you admit it) four years. Gulp! You're in the right place. The Writer's Jungle Online (formerly Kidswrite Basic) enrolls you with your child(ren) in this class. Parents enroll with their children ages 9-14 or with older children who need remedial help in writing. Whether you love to write or fear it, whether your kids are naturally inclined to write or dread it, our instructors will support and coach you, the parent, in creating a healthy and happy writing partnership with your child(ren) that will last you the rest of your home education journey. Our instructors provide direct feedback to your children's writing, in dialogue with you, so that you will learn how to be that coach to your children once class ends. If you're new to Brave Writer The Writer's Jungle Online is where to begin. It's the foundational Brave Writer course. You'll participate using our customized online classroom. The Writer's Jungle Online guides you through the first 9 chapters of The Writer's Jungle. It offers an environment where you receive support, modeling, and gentle accountability to complete the processes described in the manual. Other families are enrolled with you in the class. You'll all receive feedback, support, and coaching from one of our amazing instructors.


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Suggested Grades
Early Years - 12th


  • 1 Activity #1: Parents Only
  • 2 Activity #2: Communication Game
  • 3 Activity #3: Keen Observation
  • 4 Activity #4: Freewriting
  • 5 Activity #5: Topic Funnel
  • 6 Activity #6: Narrowing and Expanding—Revision
  • 7 Activity #7: Editing—The Final Mop Up!

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