The Story of King Arthur and his Knights (LibriVox)

by Howard Pyle/Librivox Recordings Author

Masterful artist, illustrator, and storyteller Howard Pyle brings new life to the legends of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. The first in Pyle's series of four books about King Arthur, this volume takes readers to the very beginning and the miracle of Arthur pulling the sword from the anvil and claiming his birthright as King of Britain. We are reintroduced to Pyle's Lady Guinevere, the Enchanter Merlin, the evil Morgana Le Fay, the chivalrous knights Sir Pellias and Sir Gawaine and follow their noble adventures. A book to be enjoyed by children and adults, alike. -


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In Print
Suggested Grades
7th - 9th


  • 1 The Book of King Arthur: Prologue
  • 2&3 The Book of King Arthur: Part I -- The Winning of Kinghood
  • 4
  • 5&6
  • 7&8 The Book of King Arthur: Part II -- The Winning of a Sword
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12&13 The Book of King Arthur: Part III -- The Winning of a Queen
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16&17
  • 18&19
  • 20

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