Marcella: A Raggedy Ann Story

by Johnny Gruelle Author

(From Amazon): Raggedy Ann, Beloved Belindy, Uncle Clem and Raggedy Andy sat very, very quiet, their cotton-stuffed bodies tingling as happily as Johnny Cricket's cheery tune, for they had looked through the door into Fairyland. It's summertime, and Marcella packs up her beloved dolls, Raggedy Ann and Andy and all their friends, for a trip to the seashore. Nighttime is when the dolls come to life, so once Marcella is tucked in bed, Raggedy Ann and the rest of the dolls embark on a series of adventures, including a magical encounter with fairies. They also make friends with a new doll named Squeakie, and a mischievous puppy, Rags, and get lost at sea on a sailboat. Raggedy Ann leads her friends through each exciting adventure with a dose of humor and kindness. In the end it is the dolls' love for one another -- and Marcella's devotion to her dear friends -- that is the true magic in this book. This very special story collection, a tribute to Johnny Gruelle's daughter, Marcella, has been lovingly restored to delight a new generation of readers. Whimsical illustrations capture the joy and simplicity of Raggedy Ann's world, transporting you to a magical place you will want to visit again and again.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 3rd
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
First Thus


  • 1 The Train Ride
  • 2 The Picnic
  • 3 Moving Day
  • 4 Squeakie
  • 5 Hairy Puppy Dog
  • 6 Shipwrecked
  • 7 Fishing
  • 8 Through the Door
  • 9 Little Rags
  • 10 The Lovely New Doll
  • 11 The Cheepy Birds

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