Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 5

by Angela O'Dell Author

(From Amazon): A Skills-Based Elementary MATH Curriculum Recommended for: Grade 5. Suitable for ages 9 to 11 or upon completion of Levels 1-4 of Math Lessons For A Living Education Charlie, Charlotte, Natty, and Hairo have grown closer as a family and now the kids will be helping with younger children during their church’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) this year. But math is still at the center of their learning experiences, whether it is explaining what Jesus means to them, or preparing their materials for the VBS students. Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 5 is designed to engage students as they learn about personal character and life’s challenges. This book includes: Convenient course schedule and answer keys to make teaching the course easy Essential review of basic math skills to help students master more advanced concepts Lessons on two-digit divisors, factoring, reducing fractions, common multiples, common and uncommon denominators, mixed numbers, multiplying fractions, multiplying decimals, divisibility rules, dividing decimals, dividing fractions, making change, and much more! Follow along as Charlie and Hairo earn money helping Mr. Smith clean up their auto shop, while Charlotte and Natty volunteer at the local library. Everyone learns about how to manage their personal money and the importance of being responsible. They gather with family for the holidays and plan their own family fiesta! Everyone even gets to enjoy three weeks at a wilderness camp and create their own basic survival kits - all of these adventures have learning math concepts at the core of the story! The concepts of this wonderful math series are not taught through drill only, but also through encouraging the student to hone their critical thinking skills and think outside of the box. This curriculum teaches the student math, but it is not result-oriented, focusing only on grades; instead, it is skill and process-oriented, focusing only on grades; instead, it is skill and process-oriented. Students discover that it is in the everyday that we grow and become who we are meant to be.


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