Discovering Music: 300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture

by Dr. Carol Reynolds Creator

This curriculum takes a comprehensive approach to history and the arts, linking literature, geography, social movements, science and technology, paintings, and architecture to form a more complete picture of Western Culture from 1600 to 1914: from the Baroque era to WWI. This course combines music history with music appreciation, shows how they interweave with as well as impact the intricate fabric of Western Culture. Video lectures total more than 13 hours and include location footage, interviews with experts in a variety of fields, and musical performances. This online course is supported by links to music relevant to the discussion and a text with terminology, chronologies, annotated web links, student projects, listening lists, viewing guides, short quizzes with answer keys, texts and translations.

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Online Course
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9th - 12th


  • 1 Using Music History to Unlock Western Culture
  • 2 Music Entwined with Great Events of Western History
  • 3 Technology, Terminology, and Cultural Perspective
  • 4 Fanfare and Power: The Court of Louis XIV
  • 5 Sweeping Away the Renaissance into the Baroque
  • 6 Liturgical Calendar, Street Parties, and the New Church Music
  • 7 A Lively Journey Through the Life of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • 8 Enlightenment, Classicism, and the Astonishing Mozart
  • 9 Into the Abyss: The Century Struggles with Unfettered Imagination
  • 10 Beethoven as Hero and Revolutionary
  • 11 Salons, Poetry, and the Power of Song
  • 12 A Tale of Four Virtuosi and the Birth of the Tone Poem
  • 13 Nationalism and the Explosion of Romantic Opera
  • 14 The Absolutely New World of Wagner
  • 15 Imperial Russia – A Cultural Odyssey
  • 16 Load Up the Wagons: The Story of American Music
  • 17 Turning the Page on Western Tradition with the Explosion of War

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