Latin Alive II

by Karen Moore Author

(From Amazon): Latin Alive! Book 2 continues the relevant, rigorous, and incremental Latin instruction begun in Latin Alive! Book 1. The series is designed to make Latin come alive for middle and high school students, showing the relevance and power of Latin in history, ancient and contemporary culture, the Romance languages, English derivatives, and the grammatical structure of English. It also features original Latin writings, giving students access to the works of great Latin authors in their original tongue. As the second text in a three-year series, Latin Alive! Book 2 is an entry point to advanced grammatical studies, and also includes considerable review. Latin Alive! Book 2 features: Thirty-three weekly chapters including twenty-seven new content chapters and six reading-review chapters. Weekly introduction of vocabulary. Introduces the passive voice in all tenses; past, present and future participles; deponent and irregular verbs; comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs. Reviews the grammar of Latin Alive! Book 1, including all noun declension and verb conjugations, use of pronouns, prepositions, adjectives and adverbs. Each chapter begins with a Latin motto from a different nation, each strategically chosen to introduce a new grammar concept. Extensive study of the Latin derivatives of English words. Substantial Latin readings and translation exercises. Lessons and stories of Roman culture, myths, and history. Exercises and questions to prepare students for the National Latin Exam and the Advanced Placement Exam. Historical and literary contributions by historian Christopher Schlect and renowned classical scholars Karl Galinsky and Timothy Moore.

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9th - 12th
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