Chemistry: The Study of Matter from Christian Worldview

by Dr. Dennis Englin Author

Now, you can do high school chemistry from home and have fun in the process -- yes, you can. Dennis Englin’s Chemistry is a thorough, practical, engaging lab-based curriculum that focuses on chemistry concepts and their applications. Even better, everything is strongly rooted in a biblical worldview. Written by a professional scientist and science educator, Chemistry effectively guides students through lessons and labs that are specifically designed for homeschool use. This curriculum is in-depth enough to prepare future STEM majors for college but accessible for any student needing high school chemistry. Highly readable application-based textbook, with visually appealing layout Curriculum developed for and used by homeschool students for 30 years Teacher Guide includes all coursework, as well as schedule and supply lists for the labs Step-by-Step lab instructions with photos for each step.

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9th - 12th
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  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Metric Measurement in Chemistry
  • 3 Chemical Solutions - Percent Concentrations
  • 4 Chemical Solutions - Molarity
  • 5 Molecular Mass and Atomic Theory
  • 6 Preparing Molar Solutions
  • 7 Chemical Reactions
  • 8 Chemical Equations I
  • 9 Chemical Equations II
  • 10 Moles from Chemical Equations
  • 11 Finding The Grams of Reactant and Product
  • 12 Electron Configurations
  • 13 Electron Configurations Continued
  • 14 Periodic Table of the Elements
  • 15 The Groups of the Periodic Table of Elements
  • 16 Ionic Bonds
  • 17 Covalent Bonds
  • 18 Metal Atoms
  • 19 Batteries
  • 20 Acids and Bases I
  • 21 Acids and Bases II
  • 22 Weak Acids and Bases
  • 23 Buffers
  • 24 Chemistry of Carbon
  • 25 Organic Chemistry
  • 26 Biochemistry
  • 27 Rates of Chemical Reactions
  • 28 Environmental Chemistry
  • A1 Appendix 1: Laboratory Procedures
  • A2 Appendix 2: Christian Chemists

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