Making Math Meaningful Level 6

by David Quine Author

Level 6 is a Student Directed Work Book. The lessons are clear and easy for your child to understand. The format is interactive and therefore, your child is actively involved in the learning process. Addition, subtraction, mulitiplication and division of fractions and decimals are the focus. The application of these four arithematic operations to whole numbers is applied in various situations.


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Cornerstone Curriculum Project


  • 1A Multiplying
  • 1B Multiplying & Dividing
  • 1C More Dividing
  • 1D More Difficult Dividing
  • 1E Collecting Your Thoughts (An Evaluation)
  • 2A An 1869 Edition
  • 2B Fractional Parts
  • 2C Equivalent Fractions
  • 2D Whole Numbers & Fractions
  • 2E Adding & Subtracting
  • 2F Addition & Subtraction with Mixed Numbers
  • 2G Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
  • 2H A Detailed Study: Part I
  • 2H A Detailed Study: Part II
  • 2H A Detailed Study: Part III
  • 2H A Detailed Study: Part IIII
  • 2H A Detailed Study: Part IV
  • 2H A Detailed Study: Part V
  • 2H A Detailed Study: Part VI
  • 2I Solving Fraction Problems
  • 2J Collecting Your Thoughts (An Evaluation)
  • 3A Parts of a Dollar
  • 3B Smaller Parts of a Dollar
  • 3C Addition & Subtraction
  • 3D More Addition and Subtraction
  • 3E Addition or Subtraction?
  • 3F Whole Number x Decimal
  • 3G Decimal x Whole Number
  • 3H Decimal x Decimal
  • 3I Decimal divided by Whole Number
  • 3J Whole Number divided by Decimal
  • 3K Decimal divided by Decimal
  • 3L Dividing a Fraction
  • 3M Word Problems with Decimals
  • 3N Computational Problems
  • 3O Collecting Your Thoughts
  • 4A Relationships
  • 4B Equivalent Ratios
  • 4C More Comples Proportions
  • 4D Ratios, Proportions, & Triangles
  • 4E A Special Ratio
  • 4F Collecting Your Thoughts
  • 5A Ordering Operations
  • 5B Changing Numbers
  • 5C Math Sentences
  • 5D Writing Equations from Stories
  • 5E A New number
  • Conclusion: Mathematical Reasoning

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