Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Kids: A DBT-Based Skills Workbook to Help Children Manage Mood Swings, Control Angry Outbursts, and Get Along with Others

by Jennifer J. Solin PsyD Author

(From Amazon): In this much-needed guide, two dialectical behavior therapists offer an activity-based workbook for kids who struggle with anger, mood-swings, and emotional and behavioral dysregulation. Using the skills outlined in this book, kids will be able to manage their emotions, get along with others, and do better in school.Childhood can often be a time of intense emotions. But if your child’s emotions interfere with school, homework, or tests; alienate them from their peers; make it difficult to forge lasting friendships; or cause constant conflicts at home—it’s time to make a change. You need help to calm the chaos now, rather than later.Building on the success of Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life and Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Teens, this is the first dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) activity skills workbook designed especially for kids. Designed for children ages 7 to 12, this essential guide will help kids manage difficult emotions and get along better with others.If you are frustrated or worried about your emotional child, the hands-on activities in this book—including child-friendly mindfulness practices—can help. By reading this book, kids will develop their own “skills tool box” for dealing with intense emotions as they arise, no matter where or when.

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Early Years - 8th
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  • 1 MINDFULNESS: You Have Different Types of Thoughts p.2
  • 2 MINDFULNESS: Facts and Feelings Are Not the Same p.6
  • 3 MINDFULNESS: People Have Different Feelings p.8
  • 4 MINDFULNESS: Creating a Full Mind p.10
  • 5 MINDFULNESS: Putting Your Mind in the Present Moment p.15
  • 6 MINDFULNESS: Putting Mindfulness All Together p.17
  • 7 FEELINGS: Anger p.22
  • 8 FEELINGS: Anxiety p.26
  • 9 FEELINGS: Envy and Jealousy p.31
  • 10 FEELINGS: Guilt and Shame p.36
  • 11 FEELINGS: Feeling Overwhelmed and Excited p.41
  • 12 FEELINGS: Love p.46
  • 13 FEELINGS: Sadness p.51
  • 14 FEELINGS: Happiness p.56
  • 15 WORKING W/ FEELINGS: Thoughts or Feelings? p.62
  • 16 WORKING W/ FEELINGS: Why Do You Have Feelings? p.65
  • 17 WORKING W/ FEELINGS: Does Your Feeling Fit the Facts? p.68
  • 18 WORKING W/ FEELINGS: Feelings Are Constantly Changing p.72
  • 19 WORKING W/ FEELINGS: Dear Feeling... p.74
  • 20 WORKING W/ FEELINGS: You Don't Have to Act on Your Urge p.77
  • 21 WORKING W/ FEELINGS: Situation, Feeling, Intensity Game p.80
  • 22 WORKING W/ FEELINGS: Your Piggy Bank of Happy Moments p.86
  • 23 SKILLS TOOLBOX: Planting SEEDS in Your Skills Garden p.90
  • 24 SKILLS TOOLBOX: Tools to Help You Shrink Your Feelings p.94
  • 26 SKILLS TOOLBOX: When Your Brain Overheats p.98
  • 27 SKILLS TOOLBOX: Relaxing Your Muscles: Noodles, Noodles, Noodles p.100
  • 29 SKILLS TOOLBOX: Deep Breathing p.108
  • 30 SKILLS TOOLBOX: You Have to DEAL p.111
  • 31 USING TOOLS: Planning Ahead for Big Feelings – PLAN p.116
  • 32 USING TOOLS: Getting What You Need from Others - PLEASE p.120
  • 33 USING TOOLS: Nurturing Relationships with Others - CARE p.124
  • 34 USING TOOLS: Setting Limits with Others - HALT p.128
  • 35 USING TOOLS: Your Superhero and Superpower p.131
  • 36 VALUES & GOALS: What Are Your Values? p.136
  • 37 VALUES & GOALS: What Are Your Goals? p.139
  • 38 VALUES & GOALS: Overcoming Obstacles to Reach Big Goals p.141
  • 39 VALUES & GOALS: People Have Different Values and Goals p.146
  • 40 A Note of Congratulations p.149

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