Show Your Way To The Top: How To Master Market Goat Showmanship And Impress A County Fair Judge

by Tara Jayne Author

Are you spending hours on end with your goat, only to place at the bottom of your class? Have you been trying to win for years just to come up short every time? Is this going to be your first time showing and you can't seem to find good information anywhere? This easy to read, information packed book will change your show career forever. You’ll finally master your market goat showmanship skills and impress that judge. Since, you either want to start out right without the bad habits or you're sick of searching for information that doesn't help, it's time to get a hold of some proven systems that work. You're probably hearing many different opinions and they all seem to contradict each other. Your project leaders are telling you what to do, without telling you how to do it. You want to walk, drive and show you goat right, but you don't know how to train him to do it. The judge keeps telling you you're doing something wrong, but you don't know what it is or how to improve. Show Your Way to the Top is the first and last book you will ever need to master your showmanship skills. Show Your Way to the Top will teach you how to show correctly the first time, so you don't have to worry about changing bad habits later by: -Taking you step-by-step through each phase of training so you can show a goat that will impress the judge -Focusing in on the three main concerns in the show ring, so that you’re not distracted by things that don't matter -Making you a master at show ring execution using proven systems so you can act with confidence every time. If you follow the advice in this book you will master your showmanship skills in no time. What's stopping you and your goat from looking like professionals every time you enter the show ring?

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  • 1 Introduction p.10
  • 2 Three Basic Steps p.13
  • 3 Beginning Halter Training p.16
  • 4 Walking on the Halter p.20
  • 5 Teaching Your Goat to Drive p.26
  • 6 Setting Your Goat's Legs p.30
  • 7 Common Problems When Driving Goats p.39
  • 8 Common Issues While Maintaining a Drive p.45
  • 9 Common Problems with Walking Goats p.50
  • 10 Alternatives for Goats That Won't Walk or Drive p.54
  • 11 Building Good Habits p.60
  • 12 Seven Bonus Tips for Practice p.63
  • 13 Three Deciding Factors p.68
  • 14 Smooth Transitions in the Show Ring p.72
  • 15 Understanding the Show Ring p.77
  • 16 Mastering Your Show Stance p.83
  • 17 Fixing Your Goat's Flaws p.86
  • 18 Answering Questions p.92
  • 19 Take Advantage of Knowledge p.103
  • 20 Eleven Spoiler Tips p.106
  • 21 Glossary of Show Terms p.119

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