The global flood

by John D. Morris Author

From Amazon: The Global Flood helps to meet a great need today. It is comprehensive. It is aimed at those who are not experts in earth sciences. People everywhere need to understand the true significance of the year long, mountain covering Deluge that buried and fossilized trillions of marine and land animals and plants only a few thousand years ago. Over 95% of these fossils-even within sedimentary strata seen in the highest mountains in the world-are marine creatures! We do not need to stretch the creation week of Genesis 1 to allow for this. The fossils were formed after not before Adam! Without the enormous hydrodynamic work of the Flood we could not know this. Now, the Christian World has no excuse-if they ever had any-for adding millions and billions of years of earth history. May God be pleased to enlighten and encourage His people everywhere in this day of confusion and compromise, to understand as never before some of the basic realities of Flood geology. --Dr. John C. Whitcomb President Whitcomb Ministries

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5th - 12th
Institute for Creation Research


  • 1 The Scriptural Setting
  • 2 Historical Development of the Creation/Evolution Debate
  • 3 A Scriptural Overview of Creation, The Flood, and It's Aftermath
  • 4 The Scriptural Necessity of the Global Extent of the Flood
  • 5 Historical References to Creation and the Flood
  • 6 Questions and Issues Concerning the Global Flood
  • 7 Scientific Evidence that the Flood was Catastrophic in Nature
  • 8 Scientific Evidence that the Flood was Global in Extent
  • 9 The Message of the Flood

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