Bulfinch's Medieval Mythology - The Age of Chilvary

by Thomas Bulfinch Author

Legendary figures from the age of chivalry: King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, Robin Hood, Richard the Lionhearted and his crusaders, and other lesser known characters. This collection includes tales from Camelot, recountingfs of the quest for the Holy Grail and the doomed romance of Tristram and Isoude. It also includes the dramatic narratives from the Welsh folklore known as the Mabinogeon and stories of the heroic deeds of Edward the Black Prince and other noble English warriors.

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7th - 12th
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800 - 1499
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  • 1 Preface and Part One: Ch I
  • 3 Part One: Ch II They Mythical History of England
  • 4 Part One: Ch III Merlin
  • 5 Part One: Ch IV Arthur
  • 6 Part One: Ch V Arthur Continued
  • 7 Part One: Ch VI Sir Gawain
  • 8 Part One: Ch VII Caradoc Briefbras; or, Caradoc with the Shrunken Arm
  • 9 Part One: Ch VIII Launcelot of the Lake
  • 10 Part One: Ch IX The Adventure of the Cart
  • 11 Part One: Ch X - XI The Lady of Shalott, Queen Guenevere's Peril
  • 12 Part One: Ch XII Tristram and Isoude
  • 13 Part One: Ch XIII Tristram and Isoude, continued
  • 14 Part One: Ch XIV - XV Sir Tristram's Battle with Sir Launcelot, The Round Table
  • 15 Part One: Ch XVI - XVII Sir Palamedes, Sir Tristram
  • 16 Part One: Ch XVIII Perceval
  • 17 Part One: Ch XIX The Sangreal, or Holy Graal
  • 18 Part One: Ch XX The Sangreal, continued
  • 19 Part One: Ch XXI The Sangreal, continued
  • 20 Part One: Ch XXII Sir Agrivain's Treason
  • 21 Part One: Ch XXIII Morte D'Arthur
  • 22 Part Two: Ch I-II The Britons, The Lady of the Fountain
  • 23 Part Two: Ch III-IV The Lady of the Fountain, continued,
  • 24 Part Two: Ch V-VI Geraint, the son of Erbin, Geraint, the son of Erbin, continued
  • 25 Part Two: Ch VII Geraint, the son of Erbin, continued
  • 26 Part Two: Ch VIII Pwyll, Prince of Dyved
  • 27 Part Two: Ch IX Branwen, the Daughter of Llyr
  • 28 Part Two: Ch X Manawyddan
  • 29 Part Two: Ch XI Kilwich and Olwen
  • 30 Part Two: CH XII Kilwich and Olwen, continued
  • 31 Part Two: Ch XIII Taliesin
  • 32 Part Three: Hero Myths of the British Race: Beowulf
  • 33 Cuchulain, Champion
  • 34 Of Ireland
  • 35 Hereward The Wake
  • 36 Robin Hood

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