ARTistic Pursuits Art for Children: Building a Visual Vocabulary Grades K-3 Volume 1

by Brenda Ellis Author

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Book, DVDs
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Early Years - 3rd


  • 1 Video #1 Watercolor Crayons
  • 2 Artists Compose: The Courtyard of a House in Delft by DeHooch
  • 3 Artists Imagine: The Birthday by Chagall
  • 4 Video #2 Indentify and Mix Colors
  • 5 Artists Observe: In Flander's Field by Vonnoh
  • 6 Artists Communicate: The Christening Feast by Steen
  • 7 Video #3 Construction Paper: Cut
  • 8 Artists See Shapes: Flower Day by Rivera
  • 9 Video #4 Construction Paper: Fold
  • 10 Artists See Form: Boy with Bagpipes and Young Bear (artist unknown)
  • 11 Video #5 Oil Pastels
  • 12 Artists See Texture: The Sunflower by Klimt
  • 13 Artists See Landscapes: Monte Sainte-Victoire by Cezanne
  • 14 Artists See Still Lifes: Still Life with Coffeepot by Van Gogh
  • 15 Video #6 Draw Shapes
  • 16 Artists See Animals: Sentinel of the Plains by Dunton
  • 17 Artists See Figures: Blue Dancers by Degas
  • 18 Artists See Portraits: Henry VIII by Holbein the Younger

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