Life of Fred: Jelly Beans (Life of Fred Math)

by Stanley F. Schmidt Author

(From Amazon): The idea behind Life of Fred is that if students have an enjoyable experience and have fun doing their math, they will remember it and use it and have a good taste in their math about the whole subject. The sub-title on each of his math books is "As Serious As it Needs to Be". And that is just the point: math doesn't need to be horrid and dry. This is math-just as serious as it needs to be-and I can tell you from Louisa's smiles and chuckles, that's not very serious at all! As a bonus, these books are very low priced compared to any other math books on the market. (Compare to Saxon at $50-70). If you have a creative child who is languishing on traditional math programs, try Life of Fred! Math, As Serious As it Needs to Be! If you know your math facts (addition and multiplication) and you can read well, then the next step is to get to know Fred! Beware: This is not a traditional math book. This is a child-directed course. The student reads the adventure story, does the math problems that occur as a natural part of the story, and checks their answers (the solutions are right there for the looking.) And learns to love math in the process! You will not get the detailed formula explanations that you get in a traditional math book. I am still amazed that kids can read the story and learn the concepts, but they do!

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In Print
Suggested Grades
2nd - 7th
Polka Dot Publishing


  • 1 To Fritter
  • 2 Breaking Tradition
  • 3 Finishing the Sequence
  • 4 What Raggy Taught Fred
  • 5 The Long View of Life
  • 6 More than White Dots
  • 7 What to Do
  • 8 Sunday Evening
  • 9 Packing for the Audition
  • 10 The Director
  • 11 Costumes
  • 12 4 - 1 - 1 = 2
  • 13 William Butler Yeats
  • 14 To the Hospital
  • 15 Zorba the Fred
  • 16 A New Way of Counting
  • 17 Heidi's Office
  • 18 Kingie's Computer
  • 19 A Day Older

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