Aunt Phil's Trunk Up to 1900 Volume 1

A treasure trove of historical goodness! Richly assembled with hundreds of rare historical photographs and entertaining short stories, Aunt Phil’s Trunk brings Alaska’s history alive for ages 9 to 99. Compiled and written after decades of research, the tales of adventure that unfold within these pages are as intriguing and fascinating as Alaska itself. The authors pay homage to the Alaska Natives, trappers, mushers, merchants and prospectors who forged a life in the Last Frontier. Whether you’ve lived in Alaska all your life, or you’ve always wanted to visit, you will be enthralled by this collection of stories and photos chronicling a patchwork of Alaska’s colorful past from early Native life up to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. 2.5 volumes in the series of 5 volumes fulfills Alaska History credit required in high school in Alaska. Workbook sold separately.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
1500 BC - 1900 AD
Aunt Phil's Trunk LLC


  • 1 Unanswered Questions
  • 2 Coping with the Unknown
  • 3 Explorers Ply Alaska Waters
  • 4 While the United States was Forming
  • 5 Island of Mystery
  • 6 Earthquakes Form Landscape
  • 7 Natives Attack Russian Forts
  • 8 Woody Island's Icy Past
  • 9 Last Shot of the Civil War
  • 10 Seward's Folly Turns Into Treasure
  • 11 Myth Surrounds Alaska Purchase
  • 12 Americans Flock North
  • 13 Apostle to the North
  • 14 Alaska's Mysterious First Census-Taker
  • 15 Gold found in Southeast
  • 16 Exploring The Nile Of Alaska
  • 17 Old John Bremner
  • 18 Rich Names Along the Koyukuk
  • 19 Alaska's Second Gold Rush
  • 20 Dreams of Salmon Turn to Gold
  • 21 Luckiest Man on the Klondike
  • 22 Dawson is Born
  • 23 St. Michael Awakens
  • 24 Trail to Gold
  • 25 Gold Rush Trails Photo Essay
  • 26 Jack Dalton Builds Toll Road
  • 27 Sea Captain Stifles Mutiny
  • 28 Soapy Smith Heads To Skagway
  • 29 Miners Stampede to Nome
  • 30 Sisters of Providence Head to Nome
  • 31 Natives and the Rush for Gold
  • 32 Richest Native Woman in the North

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