Read-Aloud Book of Bible Stories

by Amy Steedman Author

From the scores of beautiful and thrilling tales in the Bible, celebrated British author Amy Steedman has collected three dozen that are sure to delight young children. With the confidence of a master storyteller practiced in holding the attention of even the most restless child, she weaves tales of Noah and Moses, Solomon and David, and Daniel in the lion's den. She leads young listeners to marvel at prophesies of the coming Savior, to be charmed by the gentle goodness of His boyhood, and be dazzled by the scores of miracles that proved He is the Messiah coming to save Israel ... and to save, as well, every little child who hears these stories. Continuing with stories about events after the Resurrection, Miss Steedman takes young readers along with Peter, Paul, and the Apostles as they carry the Good News to the ends of the Earth, and she even gives them a glimpse, with St. John, of the marvels promised for the end of time. Today, too many religious books for young children trivialize the story of salvation and its many tales of mystery and majesty. Not these classic read-aloud stories that have proven their worth for over a century now. These stories are suited to the unlimited understanding of young children; but they re proportioned as well to the immense powers of imagination which remain uncrippled in little children, leaving them for the meantime still able and willing to believe in the truth of good things, and in marvels they may not yet understand. Now is the time to read Amy Steedman's remarkable Bible stories to your child ... to plant in their souls these sweet seeds of truth and beauty. Be patient! Not too long from now, you ll find them blooming into a mature and abiding faith in Jesus.

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Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 4th
Sophia Institute Press


  • 1 The Beautiful World
  • 2 Noah and the Rainbow of Hope
  • 3 The Story of Abraham
  • 4 Isaac and Rebecca
  • 5 Jacob and Esau
  • 6 Joseph, the Dreamer
  • 7 Joseph, the Ruler
  • 8 The Finding of Moses
  • 9 Moses, the Great Leader
  • 10 The Story of the Spies
  • 11 Gideon, the Soldier
  • 12 Ruth, the Gleaner
  • 13 Samuel, the Little Server
  • 14 Jonathan, the Soldier Prince
  • 15 David, the Shepherd Boy
  • 16 David, the Fighter
  • 17 Solomon, the Wise King
  • 18 Elijah, the Hungry Prophet
  • 19 Elisha, the Man of God
  • 20 Hezekiah, the Good King
  • 21 The Story of Daniel
  • 22 Queen Esther
  • 23 Nehemiah, the Warrior Builder
  • 24 The Messenger of the King
  • 25 The Coming of the King
  • 26 The Boyhood of the King
  • 27 St. John the Baptist
  • 28 The Work of the King
  • 29 The Parables
  • 30 The Triumph of the King
  • 31 St. Peter and the Angels
  • 32 Saul, the Persecuter
  • 33 St. Paul, the Servant of Christ
  • 34 St. John, the Beloved Disciple

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