Geography: A Literature Approach for Intermediate Grades

by Rea Berg Author

This award-winning study is sure to make geography come to life for you and your children! Featuring four of the iconic Holling C. Holling books (Minn of the Mississippi, Paddle to the Sea, Tree in the Trail, and Seabird) children will learn about the Great Lakes and Eastern seaboard, 30 states and their capitals, national landmarks, rivers and lakes, and the continents and oceans. While the course focuses on geography, the literature brings in history, natural science, indigenous animals, as well as industry. The teacher's guide, designed for grades 3-7th, provides the framework for getting the most out of the Holling books, as well as four specially-designed maps (available for purchase separately) to be colored and labeled by your student. Comprehension questions and discussion prompts will help engage your students while hands-on-activities, web links, vocabulary words, and website links will reinforce what they're learning. Three main geographic regions of the U.S are covered as well as an introduction to world geography in the book, Seabird. When using with multiple students be sure to have a set of maps for each! Discounted Extra Student Sets are available. •This study contains 39 lessons. •Complete 2 lessons per week for a one semester study. •Complete 1 lesson per week for a one-year study.


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3rd - 7th
Beautiful Feet Books


  • 1 Lesson 1: Paddle to the Sea ch. 1-3, p.1
  • 2 Lesson 2: Paddle to the Sea ch.4-6, p.1
  • 3 Lesson 3: Paddle to the Sea ch.7-10, p.2
  • 4 Lesson 4: Paddle to the Sea ch.11-12, p.2
  • 5 Lesson 5: Paddle to the Sea ch.13-15, p.2
  • 6 Lesson 6: Paddle to the Sea ch.16-18, p.3
  • 7 Lesson 7: Paddle to the Sea ch.19-21, p.3
  • 8 Lesson 8: Paddle to the Sea ch.22-23, p.3
  • 9 Lesson 9: Paddle to the Sea ch.24-25, p.4
  • 10 Lesson 10: Paddle to the Sea ch.26-27, p.4
  • 11 Lesson 1: Tree in the Trail ch.1-3, p.5
  • 12 Lesson 2: Tree in the Trail ch.4-5, p.5
  • 13 Lesson 3: Tree in the Trail ch.6-8, p.6
  • 14 Lesson 4: Tree in the Trail ch.9-10, p.6
  • 15 Lesson 5: Tree in the Trail ch.11-12, p.7
  • 16 Lesson 6: Tree in the Trail ch.13-15, p.7
  • 17 Lesson 7: Tree in the Trail ch.16-19, p.7
  • 18 Lesson 8: Tree in the Trail ch.20-22, p.8
  • 19 Lesson 9: Tree in the Trail ch.23-25, p.8
  • 20 Lesson 10: Tree in the Trail ch.26-27, p.8
  • 21 Lesson 1: Minn of the Mississippi ch.1-2, p.11
  • 22 Lesson 2: Minn of the Mississippi ch.3-4 p.11
  • 23 Lesson 3: Minn of the Mississippi ch.5, p.12
  • 24 Lesson 4: Minn of the Mississippi ch.6-7, p.12
  • 25 Lesson 5: Minn of the Mississippi ch.8-9, p.12
  • 26 Lesson 6: Minn of the Mississippi ch.10-11, p.13
  • 27 Lesson 7: Minn of the Mississippi ch.12-13, p.13
  • 28 Lesson 8: Minn of the Mississippi ch.14-15, p.13
  • 29 Lesson 9: Minn of the MIssissippi ch.16-17, p.14
  • 30 Lesson 10: Minn of the Mississippi ch..18-20, p.14
  • 31 Lesson 1: Seabird ch..1-3, p.15
  • 32 Lesson 2: Seabird ch.4-6, p.15
  • 33 Lesson 3: Seabird ch.7-9, p.15
  • 34 Lesson 4: Seabird ch.10-12, p.16
  • 35 Lesson 5: Seabird ch.13-15, p.16
  • 36 Lesson 6: Seabird ch.16-18, p.16
  • 37 Lesson 7: Seabird ch.19-21, p.17
  • 38 Lesson 8: Seabird ch.22-24, p.17
  • 39 Lesson 9: Seabird ch.25-27, p.17

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