The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Illustrated Junior Library

by Howard Pyle Author

The legendary Robin Hood proves himself the best in England with the bow.

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Out of Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 10th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
1155 - 1155


  • I How Robin Hood Came to Be An Outlaw
  • II Robin Hood and the Tinker
  • III The Shooting Match at Nottingham Town
  • IV Will Stutely rescued by his Good Companions
  • V Robin Hood turns Butcher
  • VI Little John goes to Nottingham Fair
  • VII How Little John lived at the Sheriff's House
  • VIII Little John and the Tanner of Blyth
  • IX Robin Hood and Will Scarlet
  • X The Adventure With Midge, The Miller's Son
  • XI Robin Hood and Allan a Dale
  • XII Robin Hood seeks the Curtal Friar
  • XIII Robin Hood compasses a Marriage
  • XIV Robin Hood aids a Sorrowful Knight
  • XV How Sir Richard of the Lea paid his Debts
  • XVI Little John turns Barefoot Friar
  • XVII Robin Hood turns Beggar
  • XVIII Robin Hood shoots before Queen Eleanor
  • XIX The Chase of Robin Hood
  • XX Robin Hood and Guy of Gisbourne
  • XXI King Richard comes to Sherwood Forest
  • - Epilogue

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