The Snow Queen and Other Stories

by Hans Christian Andersen (Author), Clare Corbett (Narrator) Author

The Snow Queen is one of Andersen's most affecting stories. Little Kay is enticed away from his home by the Snow Queen who traps him in her palace in the cold far north. His loyal friend Gerda goes on a long and dangerous journey, overcoming many obstacles to rescue him. With this classic children's story are other entertaining and moving tales from the imagination of Hans Christian - the story of a cunning frog, an old house and a snowman who is unaware of the effects of the coming spring.


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Suggested Grades
Early Years - 12th
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  • 1 First Story: Which Tells of a Mirror and the Splinters
  • 2 Second Story: A Little Boy and a Little Girl
  • 3 (Second Story Continued) The next time when they met, she brought her picture-book.
  • 4 Third Story: Of the Flower Garden at the Old Woman's...
  • 5 (Third Story Continued) The next morning she went to play with the flowers...
  • 6 Fourth Story: The Prince and Princess
  • 7 (Fourth Story Continued) The evening was closing in when the Raven returned.
  • 8 Fifth Story: The Little Robber Maiden
  • 9 Sixth Story: The Lapland Woman and the Finland Woman
  • 10 Seventh Story: What Took Place in the Palace of the Snow Queen
  • 11 Eighth Story: The Leap-Frog
  • 12 Ninth Story: The Old House
  • 13 (Ninth Story Continued) The little boy returned home happy and pleased...
  • 14 Tenth Story: The Snowman
  • 15 Eleventh Story: The Daisy

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