The Characters of Christmas

by Daniel Darling Author

We hate to admit it, but after years, sometimes even decades, of reading the same Luke 2 story of Christmas, we get a little bored—we lose some of the awe we ought to have when discussing the greatest miracle in history. That’s why The Characters of Christmas was written, to help you take a fresh look at the Christmas story by getting to know the minor characters that played a part in Jesus’ birth, such as Zechariah and Elizabeth, the Shepherds, and Herod. As you slow down, engage your imagination, and enter into the stories of these women and men, you’ll see the most important character—Jesus Christ—with new eyes. And with discussion questions and a Christmas song suggestion at the end of each chapter, it’s perfect for engaging your whole family. Break free from the familiar, and discover something you never knew about the story you’ve always heard.


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Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
2nd - 12th
Moody Publishers
October 1, 2019


  • x Introduction: Jesus, the Grandest Story of All p.9
  • 1 Joseph, the Unsung Hero of Christmas p.15
  • 2 A Christmas Miracle: Zechariah and Elizabeth p.31
  • 3 Mary, the Simple Girl at the Center of Everything p.49
  • 4 The Song of the Angels p.67
  • 5 Room for Jesus: The Innkeeper p.81
  • 6 The First to Know: Shepherds p.91
  • 7 Seeking and Finding: The Wise Men p.105
  • 8 Herod, the Monster of Christmas p.119
  • 9 The Oldest Bucket List: Simeon and Anna p.135
  • 10 The Surprising People in Jesus' Family p.149
  • 11 The Even More Surprising People in Jesus' Family p.161
  • xx Afterword: Imagine Yourself... p.169

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