Number Stories of Long Ago

by David E Smith Author

Come sit around the campfire as The Storyteller teaches the Tease and the rest of the crowd stories of long ago, of a time before numbers, and how the people of yester-year learned to count. Over several nights the Crowd looks through the flames and is transported back to the world of An-am who could count to three, of Ching who wrote on palm leaves, and Lugal on his bricks. We see how Caius added with pebbles, how Robert wrote numbers with counters, how Cuthbert learned to multiply and Adriaen learned to divide. Number Stories of Long Ago is a wonderful living book that brings the story of how mathematics developed come to life for even the most math resistant student. This edition is fully transcribed for easy ready, complete and unabridged with all the original images. Each chapter features a ‘question box’ to extend the student’s thinking, and the final few chapters feature a plethora of fun math questions that have puzzled students over the ages

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  • 1 How Ching and An-am and Menes Counted
  • 2 How Ahmes and Lugal and Chang Wrote their Numbers
  • 3 How Hippias and Daniel and Titus Wrote their Numbers
  • 4 How Gupta and Mohammed and Gerbert wrote their Numbers
  • 5 How Robert and Wu and Caius Added Numbers
  • 6 How Cuthbert and Leonardo and Johann Multiplied Numbers
  • 7 How Filippo and Adriaen and Michael Divided Numbers
  • 8 Ahmes and Heron and Jakob Despair of Ever Learning Fractions
  • 9 Number Puzzles Before the Log Fire
  • 10 Curious Problems Before the Log Fire

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