Christ the King Lord of History

by Anne Carroll Author

From Amazon: ...a fast paced, highly readable and interesting Catholic world history. It clearly illustrates that Christ is the central figure in all of history. Unabashedly proud of our brilliant Catholic heritage, Dr Carroll examines all historical developments from the point of view of the Church and the enhancement or decline of the influence of the Church upon the historical scene. Whereas most secular histories written today give but a grudging acknowledgment to the role of the Catholic Church in forming Western and therefore modern civilization, this book makes the role of Christ and the contribution of His Church unquestionable. A great book for students, parents, history buffs and educators.

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9th - 12th
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  • 1 What History Is All About
  • 2 Abraham
  • 3 Moses
  • 4 The Kingdom of Israel
  • 5 The Achievement of Greece
  • 6 The Achievement of Rome
  • 7 The Most Important Event In History
  • 8 The Apostolic Age
  • 9 Empire Versus Church
  • 10 The Great Heresies
  • 11 The Barbarians and the Church
  • 12 The Prophet and the Emperor
  • 13 The Foundation of a New Civilization
  • 14 The High Middle Ages
  • 15 The Greatest of Centuries
  • 16 Spain Becomes a Great Power
  • 17 *Revolt and Counterattack*
  • 18 *England Against the Faith*
  • 19 The Catholic Defense
  • 20 *The Catholic Offense*
  • 21 The Age of France
  • 22 The Rise and Fall of the Stuarts
  • 23 Liberals and Despots
  • 24 The French Revolution
  • 25 The Age of Napoleon
  • 26 The Nineteenth Century
  • 27 World War I and the Russian Revolution
  • 28 The World Between Wars
  • 29 World War II
  • 30 The Modern World
  • 31 Epilogue: History and the Future

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