Made in Heaven: Man's Indiscriminate Stealing of God's Amazing Design

by Ray Comfort and Jeffery Seto Author

Engineers and inventors have long examined God’s creation to understand and copy complex, proven mechanics of design in the science known as bio-mimicry. Much of this inspiration is increasingly drawn from amazing aspects of nature, including insects to plants to man in search of wisdom and insight. We are surrounded daily by scientific advancements that have become everyday items, simply because man is copying from God’s incredible creation, without acknowledging the Creator.


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4th - 9th
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  • 1 Swim Like a Fish: Shark Scales
  • 2 Body Armor of the Future- Strength of Fish Scales
  • 3 Stronger than Kevlar® - Spider Web Strong
  • 4 Pinecone Fashion Coming Soon to a Mall Near You/
  • 5 Cleaning Like a Lotus Leaf
  • 6 Robosquids and Jet Propulsion
  • 7 Mantis Shrimp Eye Improves Next Wave of entertainment Technology
  • 8 Butterflies Prevent Counterfeit Currency?
  • 9 Human Eye - A Better Camera Lens
  • 10 Computer Virus Software Looks to Human Immune System
  • 11 The Human Brain Inspires Faster Computer Chips
  • 12 Anti-Lasers Learn from Bird Feathers
  • 13 Decoding the Bombardier Beetle
  • 14 Mosquitoes Studied for Painless Needles
  • 15 Listen Like a Fly on a Wall
  • 16 Healing power of the Body Inspires Self Healing Material
  • 17 Humans Give Robotic Design a Hand
  • 18 Mussels with Strong Muscle -Sticking Power
  • 19 Velcro® Imagined in the Woods, Re-imagined in the Lab
  • 20 Wasp Nests and Papermaking
  • 21 Cat Eyes that Save Lives
  • 22 Gecko Feet Help Robots Go Vertical
  • 23 Why Fish are Faster
  • 24 Fins for Fans
  • 25 Termites and Air Conditioned Buildings
  • 26 Broken Bones, Healing, and the Eiffel Tower
  • 27 Wipers, Eyes, and Controversy
  • 28 Kingfishers Break Sonic Boom for Trains
  • 29 Worms at the Center of Tunnel Safety
  • 30 Moths Eye Inspire New Solar Cells
  • 31 The Astonishing Leaf and Power Supplies
  • 32 Mathematics, Sunflowers, and Catching Some Rays
  • Conclusion
  • A Brave New World - Defining Science

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