Learning Language Arts Through Literature: The Gold Book: British Literature

by Greg Strayer Author

In The Gold Book - British Literature you will find: Poetry Study includes the poetry of notable British poets from the Romantic and Victorian periods and Modern Age. Included among the greats are Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Tennyson, Arnold, Hopkins, Eliot, Owen, Graves, and more. Essay Study includes the process of writing three 500-word essays, including one essay interpreting poetry. Complete instructions guide students to understanding and success. Novel Studies take an in-depth look at five well-known British novels. Students are challenged with thought-provoking questions, learn to interpret literature, analyze characters, and more. Book Reviews and writing assignments offer students opportunity to read good literature, write a summary, and formulate an opinion of the book. Teacher's Guide and Answers are now located in the back of the book along with novel summaries, answers, and more helps making this edition easier than ever to use! *To complete the assignments in this manual, the student will need the following books which may be obtained through your library or purchased from bookstores or catalogs: ‚Äč Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus - Mary Shelley. Bantam-Random House (or any edition of the 1818 publication). Emma - Jane Austen. Bantam-Random House. A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens. Penguin Group. The Time Machine - H.G. Wells. (Any unabridged publication). Animal Farm - George Orwell. (Any unabridged publication). A British Poetry Anthology - This anthology has been compiled by Common Sense Press for use with Learning Language Arts Through Literature, The Gold Book - British Literature to be used in place of The Mentor Book of Major British Poets, which is out of print.


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Suggested Grades
9th - 12th
Common Sense Press


  • 1 An Emphasis on Poetry
  • 2 An Emphasis on Poetry
  • 3 An Emphasis on Poetry
  • 4 An Emphasis on Poetry
  • 5 The Romantic Poets
  • 6 The Romantic Poets
  • 7 Frankenstein
  • 8 Frankenstein
  • 9 Frankenstein
  • 10 Frankenstein
  • 11 Frankenstein
  • 12 Frankenstein
  • 13 More Romantic Poets
  • 14 More Romantic Poets
  • 15 Emma
  • 16 Emma
  • 17 Emma
  • 18 Emma
  • 19 Emma
  • 20 The Victorian Poets
  • 21 The Victorian Poets
  • 22 The Victorian Poets
  • 23 The Victorian Poets
  • 24 A Tale of Two Cities
  • 25 A Tale of Two Cities
  • 26 A Tale of Two Cities
  • 27 A Tale of Two Cities
  • 28 A Tale of Two Cities
  • 29 A Tale of Two Cities
  • 30 More Victorian Poets
  • 31 The Time Machine
  • 32 The Time Machine
  • 33 The Modern Poets
  • 34 Animal Farm
  • 35 Animal Farm

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