Jesus Then and Now

by David Watson Author

Programme 1. Beginnings Why look at Jesus? Is the New Testament reliable? What kind of world was Jesus born into? What did his birth mean? Featuring Howard Marshall, Graham Stanton and Colin Hemer. Many people today have questions about Jesus. Who was he? Why did people follow him? Can we trust what the Bible says about him? Why was he killed? In twelve half-hour video programmes, Jesus Then and Now sets out to answer these and many other questions about Jesus in a unique and visual way. Each programme explores what Jesus was like then - during his life on Earth - and how he affects the life we lead now. David Watson and Tina Heath host the series, leading the viewer through the issues Jesus raises. Drama, dance, cartoons and interviews are all used in approaching the topics in a refreshing way, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the many issues. Alongside the video series is the book Jesus Then and Now, produced in full colour by Lion Publishing. There are also work notes which provide further material for individual or group study.


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