The Eagle Huntress [SCM]

by Aisholpan Nurgaiv Author

An autobiography by a 13-year-old nomadic girl in Mongolia who became famous when she followed in her father's and grandfather's steps to raise and train a golden eagle and compete in the annual Eagle Hunter Festival. A documentary video by the same name is also available. Read the book first to get the fuller picture, then watch the video to hear the language, see the landscape, and visualize key events in the story. (Note: Nothing in the book is inappropriate, but be aware that Aisholpan talks about her mother having a difficult pregnancy and going to a shaman [explained as a holy man who treats illness]. Other aspects of their religious beliefs are mentioned in passing, such as considering mare's milk holy and that eagles are holy birds. They also pray whenever they kill an animal.) The story contains a simple explanation of communism and how it affected the nomadic families in that region.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
2016 - 2021
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


  • Prologue Seeing My Story for the First Time
  • 1 The White Eagle
  • 2 My People Are Eagle Hunters
  • 3 Nomadic Life
  • 4 A Rite of Passage
  • 5 Tourists
  • 6 Asher Arrives
  • 7 Otto, Not Just Another Excited Tourist
  • 8 How to Train an Eagle
  • 9 Blessings and Opinions
  • 10 The Road to Olgii
  • 11 The Golden Eagle Festival
  • 12 How to Catch a Fox in the Winter
  • 13 Famous in Mongolia—and Beyond
  • 14 The Aisholpan Effect

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