Jot It Down

by Brave Writer Author

The joy of writing without requiring your child to lift a pencil! You will act as secretary and transcriptionist, giving your child's young, quirky, brilliant voice access to the world of print. Your little bundle will discover that a writer already lives inside. These ten engaging writing projects include word play, photography, teatimes, body art, and fairy tales, to name a few! The Jot it Down! program product: Developmentally appropriate writing projects Step-by-step instructions BRAND NEW: Week in Focus and Skills Tracker for every project Jot It Down! is visually engaging, easy to use (open-and-grow), and lasts an entire school year.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 3rd
Brave Writer


  • 1 Fairy Tale Project
  • 2 Art Appreciation
  • 3 Photo Journal
  • 4 Animal Mini-book
  • 5 Posters
  • 6 Lists
  • 7 Letter Box
  • 8 Big Wonderful Numbers
  • 9 Body Art
  • 10 Plan A "Good Enough" Party

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