Tower of Babel

by Bodie Hodge Author

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  • Introduction
  • 1 How do you pronounce Babel, anyway?
  • 2 What Kinds of specific attacks are there?
  • 3 Is this really a Biblical authority issue?
  • 4 The Biblical account?
  • 5 Isn't there a contradiction between Genesis 10 and 11?
  • 6 Why were the people disobedient?
  • 7 When did the scattering occur?
  • 8 Where did the scattering occur?
  • 9 Was the Tower of Babel built or not?
  • 10 What was the purpose of the Tower of Babel?
  • 11 What did the tower look like?
  • 12 Did all~7,000 languages today come out of Babel?
  • 13 What about extra- Biblical table of nations and genealogies that go back to Noah?
  • 14 Was Nimrod in charge of forcing a rebellion prior to the events in Genesis 11:1-9?
  • 15 Did the continents split in the days of Peleg?
  • 16 By what means did those scattering from Babel travel?
  • 17 Where did all the people go initially?
  • 18 What about Asia, the Americas, and Australia?
  • 19 Where Noah's three sons triplets?
  • 20 Did those listed in the account of the Tower of Babel have other children after the left Babel?
  • 21 Did people really live those great ages from creation well past the Tower of People?
  • 22 What about the decrease in ages?
  • 23 What about ancestor worship?
  • 24 Are there any extra-biblically accounts of language split?
  • 25 The origin of writing?
  • 26 What was the original language... and how was Moses able to read such text when he wrote Genesis?
  • 27 Was Pentecost a reversal of what happen at Babel?
  • 28 Why is Biblical Authority so important on this issue?
  • 29 Conclusion: Seeing Christ at Babel?
  • Appendix Date of Job

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