The Burgess Flower Book for Children

by Burgess, Thorton W. Author

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  • 1 Peter Rabbit Finds Signs of Spring: Introducing Skunk Cabbage
  • 2 Two Surprises in the Green Forest: The Hepatica and Saxifrage
  • 3 Peter Makes More Discoveries: Spring Beauty, Dandelion, Common and Mouse-ear Chickweeds
  • 4 Shy Blossoms and Fairy Bells: The Arbutus and the Yellow Adder's-tongue
  • 5 Tommy Tit Drops a Hint: The Bloodroot, California Poppy, Wood and Rue Anemones
  • 6 Gold and Other Treasures: Bluets, the Wild Geranium and the Marsh Marigold
  • 7 Two Dainty Little Neighbors: The Foamflower and Dutchman 's-breeches
  • 8 Redwing and Mrs. Grouse Help: Sweet-scented and Lance-leaved White Violets and the White Baneberry
  • 9 A Preacher and Nodding Beauties: Jack-in-the-pulpit and the Columbine
  • 10 Snow and Gold and Heaven's Blue: Flowering Dogwood, Common and Shrubby Cinque- foils, Bird's-foot and Meadow Violets
  • 11 A Day to be Remembered: The Wild Strawberry, Purple Trillium, Wild Azalea and Large Yellow Pond Lily
  • 12 The Joy op Bees and Hummer's Delight: The Red Clover, Robin's Plantain and Coral Honey- suckle
  • 13 Beauties of the Swamp: The Larger Blue Flag and the Arethusa
  • 14 The Larger Blue Flag and the Arethusa: The Mandrake, Fringed Polygala, White and Tree Clovers
  • 15 Buttercups and Lily Cousins: The Bulbous Buttercup, Large-flowered Wake- robin, Painted and Nodding Trilliums and Blue- eyed Grass
  • 16 A Trap for Living Insects: The Pitcher Plant
  • 17 How the Lady's-slippers Were Saved: The Pink, Large Yellow and Small Yellow Lady's- slippers
  • 18 The Delightful Reward of Curiosity: The New Jersey Tea, Pasture Rose, Swamp Rose and Meadow Rose
  • 19 White and Yellow Cousins: The White Daisy and the Black-eyed Susan
  • 20 Peter Finds Three Old Friends: The True Solomon's Seal, Wild Spikenard and Wild Lupine
  • 21 Beautiful, Mischievous Cousins: The Mountain Laurel, Sheep Laurel and Great Rhododendron
  • 22 Peter Finds Stars in the Grass: The Yellow Star Grass and the Calopogon
  • 23 Lilies of Meadow and Wood: The Meadow Lily and the Wood Lily
  • 24 Bells op Blue and Others: The Harebell, the Showy Lady's-slipper and the Sweet-scented White Water Lily
  • 25 The Merry Little Breezes Help Peter: The Meadowsweet and the Common Milkweed
  • 26 Treasures op the Old Pasture: The Wild Morning-glory, the Fireweed and the Spotted Wintergreen
  • 27 Honeyballs and Leafless Plants: The Buttonbush, Culver's Root and the Indian Pipe
  • 28 A Lesson in Beauty: The Wild Carrot, Great Mullein and Moth Mullein
  • 29 Two Water Lovers: Pickerel Weed and the Broad-leaved Arrowhead
  • 30 Friends by the Wayside: The Evening Primrose, Butter and Eggs, and Yar- row
  • 31 Pests That Are Beautiful: The Upland White Aster, Corn Cockle and Com- mon Burdock
  • 32 Peter Finds the Steeplebush: The Elecampane and the Hardhack
  • 33 Lady Bumblebee's Friends: Lady Bumblebee's Friends
  • 34 Surprises Along the Laughing Brook: The Larger Skullcap and the Turtlehead
  • 35 Wool, Spears and Goldenrod: The Pearly Everlasting, Common Thistle and Wrin- kled-leaved Goldenrod
  • 36 Along the Edge of the Swamp: The Virgin's-bower, Wild Mint and Hyssop- leaved Thoroughwort
  • 37 Cousins in Red and Blue: The Cardinal Flower and the Great Lobelia
  • 38 The Last of the Orchids: The Yellow-fringed Orchis and Nodding Ladies'- tresses
  • 39 Two Who Come in August: The Fern-leaved False Foxglove and the New England Aster
  • 40 The Gold of Late Summer: The Giant Sunflower and the Sneezeweed
  • 41 A Day Rich in Beauty: The Swamp Rose Mallow and the Joe-pye Weed
  • 42 The End of Peter's Search: The Closed and Fringed Gentians

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