Homeschool Physics Experiments for Kids: Weekly Experiments You Can Do at Home

by Outschool Author

Class Experience Each week, students will explore a different area of physics through easy, fun and engaging experiments. Through guided inquiry and observation students will gain an understanding of physics content using common household materials. A question, discrepant event or scenario will provided for students to learn to develop hypotheses, and make observations. Students will learn about various physics concept while they safely design and perform scientific experiments at home. Students do not need to have any prior knowledge of physics. Everything will be explained during the lesson. Each lesson is a stand-alone lesson and does not build on a previous lesson. Students can pick which lessons they wish to attend. This is a subscription-based, ongoing class. You can "stop subscription" whenever you want to stop attending class. Recordings of the class will be available upon request after each lesson and students who were enrolled for that week can view a class they missed or rewatch a class at their own leisure. For this reason, my policy is not to offer a refund if a student misses a class or was unprepared for the class at the time of the session, A copy of the supply list is provided under "Learner Supply List" and is attached to the Welcome Post in the Classroom. Topics will include: (Summer session will be only ten weeks, so please see the supply list for the dates, topic and materials needed). First law of Motion – Inertia Experiments Second Law of Motion Experiments Third Law of Motion Experiment: Make a Marshmallow Catapult Third Law of Motion Experiments: Balloon pinwheel and Moving an Object with a Projectile Make a Toilet Tube Car Using Newtons Third Law of Motion Centripetal Force Experiments Make a Homopolar Motor Make a Battery Make an Electroscope Bernoulli Effect Experiments All About Pressure Combustion Experiments Paperclip Pendulum Seeing and Hearing Waves STEM challenge: Building a bridge with paper and a paperclip Bouyancy: STEM challenge: Make an aluminum foil boat Momentum


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