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Paint Colorful Acrylic Landscapes. Class Experience Greetings artists! Each week we will paint a different acrylic landscape and learn different painting techniques! Learn How to mix colors to expand your palate as you learn how to paint the water, deserts, fields, trees, flowers and mountains in a realistic way! Day one: Paint an ocean scene! Use a variety of blues and grays, yellows and oranges to create a convincing beach scene! Paint your own details demonstrated step by step by teacher Tammy! Day two: Mountain and waterfall scene! Use browns, purples and greens to create a magical mountain and waterfall scene step by step with Teacher Tammy! Day three: Desert desire! Utilize whites, beiges and reds to make a vibrant and hot desert scene! Follow Teacher Tammy step by step and add cacti and other desert details! Day four: Forest and lakes and flowers oh my! Create a lush forest with a lake and flowers with Teacher Tammy step by step! Ready, set, paint!

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Online class
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4th - 8th


  • 1 Paint an Ocean Scene
  • 2 Paint a Mountain and Waterfall Scene
  • 3 Paint a Desert Scene
  • 4 Forest, Lake and Flower Scene

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