Sabbath Mood Living Science Form 2 Chemistry

by Nicole Williams Author

F2 Chemistry In this Form 2 (grades 4-6) study guide, students will be introduced to the subject of chemistry. They will learn about atoms and molecules; solids, liquids, and gases; physical and chemical changes; and elements, compounds, and mixtures. Spine Text: This study guide accompanies the living book Matter, Molecules, and Atoms by Bertha Morris Parker. I highly recommend you purchase the newly reprinted Yesterday’s Classics version rather than using the older version as the latter is printed in a tiny font and may be difficult for your student to read. It is also not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is a mere slip of a booklet. 65 pages Reading Level: Grade 4-6 Prerequisites: none Author Bio: In 1916, Bertha Morris Parker (1890-1980) was the first person (and woman) to teach elementary science at the University Laboratory Schools in Chicago. She did not follow any educational psychologists but instead “learned to learn” from her time with the children and trying out her ideas in the classroom. She taught there for nearly 40 years, writing at least 97 books for her classes as well as for children everywhere. Mrs. Parker was also a research associate at the Chicago Natural History Museum and wrote the 16-volume set of Golden Book Encyclopedias. (source)


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