Life Pac Civics Unit 1 - A New Nation

This Civics course is intended to give the student a thorough introduction to civic life, politics and the government. Book 1 begins by introducing the importance and necessity of governments and the historical basis for America's independence and system of rule. Looking at the reasons for revolution, foundations of Greek, Roman and other classical systems of government and finally the debate that took place as the Founding Fathers decided how America was to be run. Engaging text and questions, full color photos and quotes make this text a fascinating read. 126 pages, softcover with glossary.

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10th - 12th
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  • I. The Nature of Citizenship, Politics, and Government
  • The Distinctions Among Civic, Political and Private Life
  • The Necessity of Politics and Government
  • The Purpose of Politics and Government
  • Review
  • Self Test I
  • II. The Course of Human Events
  • Why Independence
  • Natural Rights
  • Given Rights
  • The Role of Religion
  • Babylonian Monarchy, Greek Democracy, Roman Republic
  • Review
  • Self Test II
  • III. The Many Faces of Government
  • Forms of Government
  • Limits of Government
  • Civil Society and Government
  • Relationship of Limited Government to Political and Economic Freedom
  • Liberalism, Republicanism, and American Constitutional Republic
  • Project 1 Conflict of Interest
  • Review
  • Self Test III
  • IV. Strife and Compromise
  • Unity, Confederal, or Federal?
  • Nature of Representation
  • Fundamental Values and Principles
  • The Great Compromise
  • Review
  • Self Test IV

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