Life Pac Civics Unit 3 Branches of Government

This Civics course is intended to give the student a thorough introduction to civic life, politics and the government. Book 3 examines our current system of three branches of government, and students will explore how the Constitution interacts with these branches and the various other people that play into the system (the Supreme Court, Electoral College, etc.) Engaging text and questions, full color photos and quotes make this text a fascinating read. 87 pages, softcover with glossary.


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10th - 12th
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Unit - Lessons

  • I. The Executive Branch
  • Presidential Power
  • Electing a President
  • Case Study: The Election of 1824
  • The Federal Bureaucracy
  • Project 1: Limits of Presidential Power
  • Review
  • Self Test I
  • II. The Legislative Branch
  • A Two-House System
  • Committees in Action
  • Alt. Project 2: Your Home Legislators
  • How a Bill Becomes Law
  • Impeachment
  • Review
  • Self Test II
  • III. The Judicial Branch
  • Organization of the Judicial Branch
  • The Role of the Supreme Court
  • Judicial Activism vs. Judicial Restraint
  • Making a More Perfect Union
  • Review
  • Self Test III

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