Life Pac Civics Unit 4 Government By The People

This Civics course is intended to give the student a thorough introduction to civic life, politics and the government. Book 4 takes a detailed look at the various levels of governmental agencies, including the personal level. Sources of revenue, elections, political parties and the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship are also examined. 142 pages, softcover with glossary.

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Unit - Lessons
Suggested Grades
10th - 12th
Alpha Omega

Unit - Lessons

  • I. State and Local Government
  • State Branches
  • Local Government: Types and Functions
  • Financing Government through Taxation
  • Case Study: Integration of Schools
  • Direct Democracy
  • Review
  • Self Test I
  • II. Election Process
  • Why Political Parties?
  • Parties and Primaries
  • Politics and Media
  • Districts, Special Interests, and Funding
  • Public Policy and Public Agenda
  • Alt. Project 1: Your Politics
  • Review
  • Self Test II
  • III. Citizenship
  • Your Rights
  • Project 2: Limits of Freedom
  • Citizens in Action
  • Case Study: Prohibition
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Becoming a Citizen
  • Review
  • Self Test III
  • IV Civic Life
  • Diversity and the Character of American Societyf
  • Project 3: Constitutional Values and Principles
  • Voluntarism and Organized Groups
  • American Political Conflict
  • Conflicts of Values
  • Disparities between Ideal and Reality
  • Review
  • Self Test IV

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