Life Pac Civics Unit 5 Relationship to the World

This Civics course is intended to give the student a thorough introduction to civic life, politics and the government. Book 5 takes a broader look at government, moving out from the the history and current situation of the domestic United States to International affairs. Students will look at the American economic system and America's role in the world community. 114 pages, softcover with glossary.

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Unit - Lessons
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10th - 12th
Alpha Omega

Unit - Lessons

  • I Economics
  • Government and Economics
  • Project 1a: Economics of a New Business
  • International Economics
  • Case Study: The Middle East
  • Project b: Environmental Politics
  • Review
  • Self Test I
  • II. Comparative Governments
  • Types of Economic Systems
  • Communism
  • Fascism
  • Project 2a: The Jewish Holocaust
  • American Capitalism
  • Personal, Political, and Economics of Governments
  • Project 2b: New Governments
  • Review
  • Self Test II
  • III. The United States and the World
  • Economic and Humanitarian Concerns
  • Political Concerns
  • Historical Context of Foreign Policy
  • Means and Ends of Foreign Policy
  • Impact of Democracy and Individual Rights on the World
  • International Organizations
  • Review
  • Self Test III

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