Heroes and Happenings Volume 2

by Amy Lykosh Author

Introduce your kindergarten student to American History with this age-appropriate, richly illustrated spine. Sixty chapters, across two volumes, introduce children to a wide range of people and events. Some of them are well known, like Thomas Edison and Theodore Roosevelt. Some are far more obscure like Temple Grandin, the autistic professor who transformed how people manage cattle. You’ll cover several presidents, the World Fair, and the Statue of Liberty. You’ll learn about events in almost every one of the 50 states. You’ll learn about people from a range of religions and ethnicities, with diverse skin colors and contributions. For animal lovers, we have a chapter with the story of an amazing dog.


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In Print
Chapter s
Suggested Grades
1st - 3rd
Geographical Setting
North America
Historical Setting
1800 - 1976

Chapter s

  • 1 The Inventor, Thomas Alva Edison
  • 2 The Engineer, George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.
  • 3 The Marshal, Bass Reeves
  • 4 The Statue, The Statue of Liberty
  • 5 The Botanist, George Washington Carver
  • 6 The Statesman, Theodore Roosevelt
  • 7 The Navigator, Matthew Henson
  • 8 The Horticulturist, Katherine Olivia Sessions
  • 9 The Photographer, Wilson Bentley
  • 10 The Scientist, Albert Einstein
  • 11 The Professor, Hiram Bingham
  • 12 The Aviator, Ruth Law
  • 13 The Painter, Horace Pippin
  • 14 The Ball Player, George “Babe” Ruth
  • 15 The Immigrants, Twelve Million People
  • 16 The Dog, Bobbie the Wonder Dog
  • 17 The Puppeteer, Tony Sarg
  • 18 The Conservationist, Ruth Harkness
  • 19 The Poet, William Carlos Williams
  • 20 The Code Talkers, Navajo Marines
  • 21 The Dance, Appalachian Spring
  • The Delivery, Dutch Relief
  • The Programmer, Grace Hopper
  • 1 The Seamstress, Rosa Parks
  • 2 The Orator, Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • 3 The Politician, John F, Kennedy
  • 4 The Astronaut, Neil Armstrong
  • 5 The Entertainer, Phillips Petit
  • 6 The Problem-Solver, Temple Grandin
  • 7 The Tree, The Yamaki Pine

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