Latin for Children (Primer A)

A yearlong course for students in grades 4-7 REVISED VERSION 4.0 TEXT (2017). Please see compatibility notes below. Designed, revised, and continually sharpened since 2001, the award-winning Latin for Children curriculum continues to be a strong, inviting, and creative program designed to introduce students as young as fourth graders to Latin. It incorporates elements that will engage students of every learning style. When used as a whole, this series trains students in grammar, vocabulary, and English derivatives in a lively, interactive way that is perfectly suited to students in the grammar stage. The Latin for Children series is taught directly to the child and is a perfect choice for teachers and parents, including those who will be learning along with their students. Full program includes: Latin for Children Primer A (consumable student edition and workbook) Each workbook is easy to use, incremental, and filled with clear grammatical explanations written expressly for the student. Exercises, quizzes, and a useful reference section are also included. Lessons teach mnemonic aids (songs, chants) that enable students to learn vocabulary and grammar with ease and delight. There are clear explanations of grammar in every chapter, written at the student’s level. Guidance is given for both classical and/or ecclesiastical pronunciations. What's in the New Revised Edition? Latin for Children Primer A, now printed in full color, has been enhanced with beautiful illustrations as well as images and paintings of ancient Roman culture. An adventure story, Along the Appian Way, has also been added. Students will follow Marcus and Julia as they look for dropped coins or maybe even greater treasures—until an accidental run-in with an official messenger brings them more adventure than they bargained for! The chapter-by-chapter Latin grammar sequence remains the same as previous versions. The new teaching video, now in high-definition, is available in streaming or DVD format. Students will love studying Latin even more as they use this newly revised and improved edition. Latin for Children Primer A Answer Key This teacher’s tool features actual, full-size pages from the primer, with answers to quizzes, exercises, and worksheets in bold print. This key corresponds with the newly revised edition of the primer and also includes a suggested weekly schedule. Latin for Children Primer A Streaming Video & Audio (or 8-DVD & 2-CD Set) The Primer A video, now in high definition, offers chapter-by-chapter teaching by author Dr. Christopher Perrin. Clear, engaging grammar lessons are given from his cozy classroom, and the memory page is chanted with motions and songs/chants led by students. Each lesson is 20–25 minutes and corresponds to the weekly chapter in Latin for Children Primer A. It features the chanting and singing of vocabulary, including noun declensions and verb conjugations, and clear grammatical explanations. The video can be used to prep the teacher for the lesson, to help a student catch up on a missed lesson, to help a student maintain or catch up over the summer, or as a substitute when the teacher is absent. The audio files (or CDs) capture the teacher and students pronouncing and rhythmically repeating each grammar chart and vocabulary word in the primer—first the Latin, then the English equivalent. These chants are an incredible tool to use for fun memorization and contain all 240 vocabulary words chanted and sung in both the classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations. The streaming option provides the convenience of instant access, as well as desktop, smart TV, and mobile viewing capabilities. Streaming access lasts for the life of the product. Latin for Children Primer A Activity Book! (consumable) With over 100 pages of games, puzzles, and fun, this book makes mastery of a classical language anything but boring! Students will love learning Latin and look forward to class. Latin for Children Primer A History Reader (consumable) Now young Latin scholars can begin to translate and read a selection of simple Latin stories at their own level. The stories are integrated with the grammar and vocabulary of Latin for Children Primer A, correspond with the Veritas Press History Card series, and feature stories of Ancient Greece and Rome. The History Reader contains glosses for new words in each chapter and a full glossary at the end of the book.


Additional Details

Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 7th
Classical Academic Press
June 2005


  • 1 First-Conjugation Verb: amō
  • 2 Present-Tense Verb Endings: -ō, -s, -t, -mus, -tis, -nt
  • 3 First-Declension Noun: mēnsa
  • 4 First-Declension Noun Endings: -a, -ae, -ae, -am, -ā
  • 5 Review
  • 6 Second-Declension Noun: lūdus
  • 7 Second-Declension Noun Endings: -us, -ī, -ō, um, -ō; Sum Chant
  • 8 Second-Declension Neuter Noun: dōnum
  • 9 Second-Declension Neuter Noun Endings: -um, -ī, ō, -um, -ō
  • 10 Review
  • 11 Adjective Endings: Masculine, Feminine, & Neuter (First & Second Declensions)
  • 12 First- and Second-Declension Adjective: magnus
  • 13 Review
  • 14 Second-Conjugation Verb: videō
  • 15 Sentence-Pattern Chant
  • 16 Imperfect-Tense (past) Verb Endings: -bam, bās, -bat
  • 17 Imperfect-Tense (past) Verb Endings: -bam, -bās, -bat
  • 18 Review
  • 19 Future-Tense Verb Endings: -bō, -bis, -bit
  • 20 Accusative-Case Endings
  • 21 Imperfect Tense of sum: eram, erās, erat
  • 22 Present and Imperfect Tenses of sum
  • 23 Review
  • 24 Future Tense of sum: erō, eris, erit
  • 25 Accusative-Preposition Flowchart
  • 26 Review
  • 27 Irregular Verb: eō, īre
  • 28 Eō, īre in Present, Imperfect, and Future Tenses
  • 29 Ablative-Case Preposition Flowchart
  • 30 Sum, Esse, in Present, Imperfect, and Future Tenses
  • 31 Review
  • 32 End-of-Book-Review

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