All About Drawing Sketching, Animals, Creatures, and Landscape Art ongoing Class

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This ongoing drawing class will cover different drawing methods and techniques each week. We will cover the different tools such as types of pencils, paper, and erasers. We will cover how to use your arm to draw different shapes. We will cover the different line weights and strokes used in drawing. The class will cover lighting, shadows, perspective, foreshortening, and more. We will be drawing different subjects each week, landscape, imaginative, still life, furry, feathered, and, scaled. Each lesson will give specific techniques along with a different subject. Each class will cover different techniques, so drop in to learn to sketch something new. Week 1 - Draw a dog Week 2 - Draw a bird Week 3- Draw a lion Week 4 - Draw a Dragon Week 5 - Draw a Landscape Week 6 - Draw a horse Week 7 - Draw a Building Week 8 - Draw shoes line art The class will be taught through demonstration and follow-along. A projection screen will be set up to show a live drawing demonstration. The students can follow step by step and ask questions. I will give feedback on the student's progress and suggestions to improve their artistic skills. Any skill level can drop in at any time. The more they practice and join the more skills they will learn and they will become confident in their artistic abilities. Students will learn basic to advanced sketching skills. Including perspective, shading, line weight, stroke techniques, proportions, and foreshortening. Students will learn how to use the arm to draw, how to set up a drawing, and the tools of drawing. The students will follow along with a live demonstration. Handouts will be posted for the students to use as practice each week. Depending on their skill level and speed they may work on their drawings on their own time. 1 file available upon enrollment Students will need to be ready with paper, pencil, and eraser. They can use printer paper or a sketch notebook. A number 2 school pencil is fine or they can bring a drawing set of pencils. A white, red, or gummy eraser will work. Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard Outschool tools. I will be available to give individual feedback and suggestions on their art. 50 minutes per week in class, and maybe some time outside of class.


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