Beginning Outlining

by Anne Sattler Author

(From Amazon): Creating a written plan that organizes ideas or facts in a logical order. The 24 lessons in this book will give students plenty of practice with all the basic aspects of Outlining. Exercises focus on titling, finding main and sub-topics, identifying details, outlining a story, and creating an outline. With the skills taught in this unit, students will be better equipped to use an outline to help them write a story or report.


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Suggested Grades
3rd - 4th


  • 1 What is an Outline?
  • 2 Outline Titles
  • 3 Main Topic
  • 4 Title and Main Topics
  • 5 Main Topics - Logical Order
  • 6 Finding the Main Topics
  • 7 Subtopics
  • 8 Main Topics and Subtopics
  • 9 Writing Subtopics
  • 10 Finding Subtopics
  • 11 Finding Main Topics and Subtopics
  • 12 Details
  • 13 Subtopics and Details
  • 14 Writing Details
  • 15 Finding Details
  • 16 Using an Outline to Write a Report
  • 17 Outlining a Story
  • 18 Writing an Outline
  • 19 Parts of an Outline - Review

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