Christmas Around the World - Gather ‘Round

by Rebecca Spooner Author

Our Teacher's Guide lessons will cover a brief introduction to the country we are learning about, how they prepare and celebrate Christmas, and their unique traditions and foods. We close each lesson with a "What Does the Bible Say" tying in the big picture of what Christmas is all about. In our Student Notebooks, we have one activity page per day, similar to notebooking that is comparing traditions, etc. The other two pages tie in to the traditions in some way. With hands on, engaging pages such as: -Amigo Secreto from Brazil -carols by candlelight from New Zealand -design your own ugly Christmas sweater for North America (we end off with Canada/USA) -do a book flood like Iceland -light your own Advent candles with your own readings for Germany -design your own parol from the Philippines -learn how to play the Hanukkah dreidel and make your own -try a Swedish Julklapp (Christmas knock) -make a pooping log ornament to remind you of Catalonia -make your own beaded ornaments for Uganda -make a puppet theatre nativity like the Ukraine -design your own Christmas window like Switzerland! You will not just learn about traditions around the world but experience them first hand and maybe find some new ones! I broke all the rules with this one and went with messy crafts and full blown family activities. But take a deep breath with me, I promise you, your entire family is going to have a Christmas like you have never had before!


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Unit Curriculum
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Early Years - 12th


  • 1 Iceland
  • 2 New Zealand
  • 3 Brazil
  • 4 Germany
  • 5 Philippines
  • 6 Israel
  • 7 Sweden
  • 8 Spain
  • 9 Uganda
  • 10 Ukraine
  • 11 Switzerland
  • 12 North America

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