Tales of the Kingdom

by David Mains Author, David & Karen Mains Author

(Amazon) In the Tales of the Kingdom Classic Edition, action, intrigue, and danger follow Scarboy wherever he goes, especially in the Enchanted City, where the imperfect are cast away and orphans are enslaved. Scarboy manages to escape the evil Enchanter to safety in Great Park, but has yet to confront his greatest fear, and he will need enormous courage to conquer it. An exciting series of inspirational stories for kids from authors David and Karen Mains, the gold medallion award winning Tales of the Kingdom contains fast paced action and exciting storytelling with a enduring Christian message. This version is the fully illustrated Classic Edition, originally published in 1983 by Chariot Books, now republished in 2019 by Mainstay Ministries. Enjoy reading these moral stories for children after dinner together or as bedtime stories with your kids. You will revel in these modern fairy tales, each chapter an allegory for your children to decipher, with short moral stories and lessons for living that convey values and virtues like honesty, compassion, loyalty, friendship, perseverance, positive self esteem, courage, and more. You will embrace these fiction fables within your family, as they are children books with inspirational moral values and christian themes, to encourage you all to better living in this challenging world in which we live everyday. Written as a trilogy of children fiction for kids to enjoy reading with their parents, this is the first of three books in the series, with 12 color illustrations, for ages 6 and up, including preteen, teen, and adults. This children chapter book contains 96 pages of inspiring stories published in high quality Smyth binding for long lasting appeal, enhanced by 12 full color, full page illustrations from exceptional America artist and illustrator Jack Stockman. There are colorful end sheets and end caps, along with various black and white character sketches as well.


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