Primary Phonics Set 3 Storybooks

From Set of 10 Storybooks for Primary Phonics Workbook 3 (Homeschool Edition). These popular, illustrated storybooks, each approximately 16 pages long use words containing the phonetic elements taught in accompanying workbooks. As soon as students have learned the short vowel a, taught in the first pages of Workbook 3 (sold-separately), they can read the first storybook, Mac and Tab. Each story contains only those words learned in the workbooks being studied. The 10 storybooks in set 1 use in context the words taught in workbook 3. Titles in Set 3 include: Slide, The Plane Trip, Spot, The Prints, The Dream, The Best Gift, Mittens, The Sea Gull, The Lost Duck, and Max and the Fox.

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