Keep Thy Heart: How your heart attitude determines your path

by Kim Sorgins Author

Did you know that your heart-attitude determines the path of your life? This Bible study for kids and teens is all about protecting, keeping, and guarding your heart so you can grow in Christ instead of overflowing with those "ugly" things that threaten, such as pride, anger, discontentment, and fear. In Proverbs 4:23, we are told that our heart truly defines who we are and where we will go in life. Let's get busy protecting it!

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  • 1 You've Got Heart Disease
  • 2 Keep Thy Heart
  • 3 The Treasure of Your Heart
  • 4 Your Heart is the Source of Everything
  • 5 Your Heart is Under Attack
  • 6 The Heart Murmur
  • 7 Murderous Anger
  • 8 Beware of the Bitter Root
  • 9 Lured by Desire
  • 10 The Unbelieving Heart
  • 11 The Price of Pride
  • 12 Faithless Fear
  • 13 The Depths of Despair
  • 14 A Divided Heart
  • 15 Review
  • 16 Your Heart Needs Strength
  • 17 Your Heart Needs Preparation
  • 18 Your Heart Needs Purity
  • 19 Your Heart Needs Pure Hearing (Part 1)
  • 20 Your Heart Needs Pure Hearing (Part 2)
  • 21 Your Heart Needs Pure Sight
  • 22 Your Heart Needs the Right Focus
  • 23 Your Heart Needs Priorities
  • 24 Your Heart Needs Principles
  • 25 Review

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