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Audio Book or E-Reader only In Alan Gratz’s D-Day novel Allies, Samira Zidane and her mother work for the French resistance during World War II. It’s their job to tell the local Maquis hiding out in the countryside that the invasion of Normandy is imminent. But when her mother is captured by Nazis, Samira must do the job herself. Resist picks up Samira’s story where Allies left off, following Samira on her journey through the French countryside on a daring rescue mission to find her captured mother. Accompanied by a loyal dog named Cyrano, Samira has to rely on her courage and wits to avoid and outsmart the German forces. But it’s D-Day, and with the Allied forces landing just miles away, fierce battles rage all around her. Can Samira find her mother in time to save her? Resist is a companion novella to Allies. It can be read before or after reading Allies–or entirely on its own!

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