The Holy War: In Modern English [SCM]

by John Bunyan Author, Delores Kimball Editor

(from Amazon): The Holy War is another brilliant allegory of the Christian life by the author of The Pilgrim’s Progress. John Bunyan vividly depicts the internal struggle in the heart and mind of the Christian as a war between Diabolus (Satan) and King Shaddai (God) for the town of Mansoul (man’s soul). Knowing the methods of the enemy is the first step to defeating him, and this is Bunyan’s goal—to make us aware of the war that rages within us throughout our lives.Written in 1682, The Holy War is a masterpiece of Christian literature. Bunyan’s powerful portrayal tells the story of the fall of mankind into sin, the spiritual battle that rages throughout the Christian life, the relentless efforts by Satan to destroy the followers of Shaddai, and the ultimate victory of his Son, Emmanuel. Bunyan has given us an astonishing and life-altering look at the struggles that take place in the battlefield that is the Christian soul. As poignantly true today as it was over 300 years ago, every Christian will see himself in the midst of the same battle because the enemy of our souls never changes his tactics. Why would he, when they are still so effective?“The craft that we call modern,The crimes that we call new,John Bunyan had ’em typed and filedIn Sixteen Eighty-two.” —Rudyard KiplingThe text has been lightly edited to render it understandable to the modern reader while retaining Bunyan’s voice and inspired writing style. The footnotes and Scripture references included in each chapter make the book ideal for personal or small group study.


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