Story Starters: Helping Children Write Like They've Never Written Before

by Karen Andreola Author

(From Amazon): Story Starters....because a picture is worth a thousand words. ... Karen Andreola's charming book has all the right ingredients to inspire even the reluctant writer or the student who has experienced discouragement. Her story starters encourage children to write in ways they have never written before.A story starter suspends a student in the middle of a predicament. He is then faced with the question, What happens next? This is his cue to expand and embellish the story however he wants. He learns to write freely; with imagination and zest-and with far more boldness than he may be accustomed to. The action-packed stories are especially appealing to boys.The action-packed stories are especially appealing to boys. Thumb through the pages to choose whatever story catches your fancy. Karen has written a large selection to satisfy the varied interests of both boys and girls.To spark even more curiosity, each story is illustrated with one or more engaging 19th century pictures. The settings are sometimes intense, sometimes funny, sometimes sweetly domestic, but always pose a challenge. Here is your child s opportunity to rescue those in danger, comfort the sick, cheer the lonely, laugh with the ridiculous, tame the wild, and do battle for good!Awaken the dormant writer in your child with this lively approach to creative writing and you will take part in what Karen calls the gentle art of learning. TMStory Starters is designed to:Replace dry, dull writing with exciting writingInvoke sympathy for the characters and encourage writing with feelingExpand a child s literary powers with the practice of narrationDevelop a child s imagination with embellishment of story plotsStimulate reasoning powers with opportunity for problem-solvingReawaken and interest in language artsUphold Biblical virtuesStory Starters: one book per family, non-consumable, lavishly illustrated, multi-skill levels (grade 4-12), supplemental English course

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Suggested Grades
4th - 12th
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  • 1 The Bookworm's Opportunity
  • 2 The Night Visitor
  • 3 The Unexpected Guest
  • 4 The Runaway Motorcar
  • 5 Saved from the Fog
  • 6 Poor Polly
  • 7 In the Twilight
  • 8 Morning Wake-Up Call
  • 9 The Brave Robin
  • 10 Welcomed Birds
  • 11 The Alligator
  • 12 A California Flood
  • 13 Perfect Weather for Cycling
  • 14 Up, Up, and Away
  • 15 Katie's Dilemma
  • 16 The Toy Maker
  • 17 A Friendly Horse to a Trickster
  • 18 Jasper Saves the Baby
  • 19 The Elephant's New Calf
  • 20 Shipwreck
  • 21 The Circus Clown's Son
  • 22 Pamela's Hat
  • 23 Worn Out
  • 24 The Donkey's Deed
  • 25 Mince Pies
  • 26 Chad's Busy Day
  • 27 Not Tired
  • 28 The Rowboat
  • 29 Sick Piggy
  • 30 A Young Musician
  • 31 The Surprise
  • 32 Pocket Money
  • 33 He Told the Truth
  • 34 If at First You Don't
  • 35 Miss Whitaker
  • 36 Hunting for Rabbit
  • 37 Whose Baby?
  • 38 Mr. Madison's Classroom
  • 39 Two Stepmothers
  • 40 The Prowling Lion
  • 41 A Bird Called Mischief
  • 42 Marmalade
  • 43 Father's Clock
  • 44 Stopping a Bully
  • 45 Making a Call
  • 46 Marvelous Exertion
  • 47 A Nasty Drawing
  • 48 Ralph of Red Gables
  • 49 Goodbye, Mr. Woodhouse
  • 50 A Friend in Need
  • 51 A Man-eating Tiger
  • 52 Mr. Featherton and the Eagle
  • 53 Lucy Fairchild
  • 54 One Big, Happy Family
  • 55 At the Railway Station
  • 56 The Cabman's Old Horse
  • 57 Hazel Takes a Long Walk
  • 58 Vacation at the Seashore
  • 59 Coming to America
  • 60 Amos -- A Willing Worker
  • 61 Attending to the Wounded
  • 62 Charged by a Rhinoceros
  • 63 The Good Prince and the Pirates
  • 64 A Strange Present
  • 65 Grandpa's Dog Pepper
  • 66 Toby and the Whale
  • 67 Deborah Misses Dad

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