The Insect Folk

by Margaret Warner Morely Author

Come, children; come with me. Come to a pond I know of. See how the water shines in the sun. Over there is an old log lying on the edge of the pond. It is covered with green moss, and a green frog is sitting on one end of it. Let us go and sit on the other end. Goop! he says, and -- plump! he has jumped into the water. That is too bad, frog; we did not mean to disturb you. How pretty it is here! See the pickerel weed growing out in the water with its arrow-shaped leaves, and its spikes of purple flowers. See, down in the water are little fish, and very likely pollywogs are there too, and lots of queer little things. But who is this darting over the pond? Ah, we know you. You are our queer little, dear little onld dragon fly. Margaret Warner Morley was an American educator, biologist, and author of many children's books on nature and biology.

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Suggested Grades
Early Years - 3rd


  • 1 Our Pretty Dragon Flies
  • 2 The Fairy May Flies
  • 3 The Stone Fly Folk
  • 4 The Silver Fish
  • 5 The Old Cockroaches
  • 6 Neighbor Walking Stick
  • 7 The Grasshopper Tribes
  • 8 The Shorthorned Grasshoppers
  • 9 The Longhorned Grasshoppers
  • 10 Pretty Katydids
  • 11 The Cricket-Like Grasshoppers
  • 12 The Cherry Cricket People
  • 13 A Large Family
  • 14 The Great Bug Family
  • 15 The Water Boatman
  • 16 The Funny Back-Swimmers
  • 17 The Giant Water Bug
  • 18 Little Mrs. Shore Bug
  • 19 The Airy Water Striders
  • 20 A Queer Fellow
  • 21 The Well Dressed Lace Bug
  • 22 A Bad Bug
  • 23 The Troublesome Red Bug
  • 24 The Ravenous Chinch Bugs
  • 25 The Well Protected Stink Bug
  • 26 The Louse
  • 27 Bird Lice and Book Lice
  • 28 Friend Cicada
  • 29 The Odd Spittle Insect
  • 30 Pretty Leaf Hoppers
  • 31 The Comical Tree Hoppers
  • 32 The Jumping Plant Lice
  • 33 The Aphids
  • 34 Scale Bugs
  • 35 The Horned Corydalus
  • 36 Fairy Lacewing
  • 37 The Ant Lion
  • 38 The Little Caddice Flies

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