Latin in the Christian Trivium vol. 2

This is the next course for the middle or high school level student of Latin which provides an explanation and practice in beginning Latin. This course focuses on the grammar, vocabulary and structure of the language while introducing some of the Roman history and Biblical principles and Scripture.

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6th - 12th


  • 1 Review of Forms; Daniel in the Lion's Den; History of King Herod
  • 2 Third Declension Adjectives; Ablative of Manner; Ablative of Accompaniment; Scripture; Luke 1; Education; Journey Across the Sea
  • 3 Interrogative Pronouns; Relative Pronouns; Roman Names; Scripture; Jonah and the Whale; The Great Storm part 1
  • 4 Inquam, Possum; Partitive Genitive; During the Reign of Herod; Scripture; The Great Storm part 2
  • 5 The Perfect Tense; In the Days of Caesar Augustus; More of Luke 1; The Journey to Cana
  • 6 Pluperfect and Future Perfect Tenses; Birth of Jesus; Having New Friends in Capernaum
  • 7 Second, Third, Fourth and Third IO Conjugation Verbs; Lex Rex; The Stay at Cana; Bible Sentences
  • 8 Infinitive with Subject Accusative; More Third Conjugation Verbs; Roman Houses; Bible Thoughts; A New Home in Capernaum
  • 9 Objective Genitive; More Fourth Conjugation Verbs; Bible Thoughts; Life in and Around Capernaum
  • 10 Predicative Accusative; Ablative of Separation; More Third IO Verbs; Jesus at the Temple; The Nobleman's Son
  • 11 Passive Voice; Ablative of Personal Agent; Present Passive Imperative; Psalm 1; Building the Synagogue
  • 12 Demonstratives; Review Lesson; Scripture; The Speech on the Mountain
  • 13 Comparison of Adjectives; Ablative of Comparison; Climate of the Mediterranean; John 1:1-14; Psalm 117; The Servant John is Healed
  • 14 Irregular Comparison of Adjectives; Dative with Adjectives; Bible Thoughts; Deut. 6:4-8; Are The Rumors True? New Taxes
  • 15 Comparison of Adverbs; Accusative as an Adverb; Ablative of Degree of Difference; The City of Bethlehem; Bible Thoughts; Are the Rumors True? The Shepherd's Story
  • 16 Fourth Declension; The Roman Arch; Bible Thoughts from Jesus; Are the Rumors True? third part
  • 17 Present Participles; Accusative of Space; Locative Case; Matthew 28; Education in Israel; Are the Rumors True fourth part
  • 18 More Participles; Attributes of God; Food in Biblical Times; The Rumors are True!

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