Exploring Creation with Biology (Jennings, Brook Hills Co-op)

by Vicki Dincher Author

Teaching a high school biology course at home can be challenging. Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd edition is updated, but still written with Christian homeschool families in mind. Viewing God as the Master Designer of life, this course begins with a thorough explanation of the scientific method, tools, and limitations of science. Topically, students will study the science of life, the chemistry of life, ecology, genetics, bacteria, viruses, protists, fungi, plants, and animals. The theory of evolution is also evaluated through a Biblical worldview. There are 16 modules, each taking approximately 2 weeks (1 hour per day/5 days per week.) Exams follow each module and quarterly exams are also available. Labs are required, and the publisher recommends all 3 types be completed: Microscopic, Dissection and Household.


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Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
8th - 10th
Apologia Educational Ministries
3rd edition
Oct 11, 2020


  • 1 Module 1- The Science of Life
  • 2 Module 2- The Chemistry of Life
  • 3 Module 3- Ecology
  • 4 Module 4- Cell Structure and Function
  • 5 Module 5- Cellular Energy
  • 6 Module 6- DNA, Proteins, and the Cell Cycle
  • 7 Module 7- Genetics
  • 8 Module 8- Evolution
  • 9 Module 9- Prokaryotes and Viruses
  • 10 Module 10- Protists and Fungi
  • 11 Module 11- Plant Diversity and Reproduction
  • 12 Module 12- Plant Structure and Function
  • 13 Module 13- Animals- Inverts pt1
  • 14 Module 14- Animals- Inverts pt2
  • 15 Module 15- Chordates pt1
  • 16 Module 16- Chordates pt2

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